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Global Aviation Support

Aurora Aviation provides a full range of global airport services.

Airlines and private jet operators rely on the company for outstanding ground handling management, crew services, clearance, flight planning, catering and hotel accommodation (HOTAC). Aurora Aviation is a partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and its ground handling services adhere to the most recent international standards. Station management is optimised to streamline all procedures.

Support Services

Aurora Aviation can draw on years of experience in crew services. A dedicated department takes care of hotel bookings, security services, transport and any special arrangements for aircraft crew members, anywhere in the world. Aurora Aviation has strongly developed its HOTAC activities in recent years. It organises flexible bookings at competitive rates and handles payment so that crew members do not have to settle any bills. Aurora Aviation follows up bookings to make sure that check-ins and check-outs are smooth and efficient. Aurora Aviation also prides itself on the quality of its clearance programme.

Over time, it has established solid professional relationships with civil aviation authorities and will always endeavour to secure permits within the required timeframes. Aurora Aviation’s flight planning services do their utmost to carry out the necessary procedures as quickly as possible. The company’s dispatch teams use reliable in-house software to calculate the best and safest routes. All flight levels and fuel calculations take into account weather conditions and NOTAMs. When flight plans are complete, they can be uploaded directly to customers’ flight management systems.

More than 200 operators in more than 1,500 locations around the world benefit from Aurora Aviation’s catering services. Commercial airlines, cargo airlines and private jet operators can choose from a vast selection of competitively-priced food and beverages.

Aurora Aviation is available 24/7 to discuss global airport services.

Aurora Aviation

Airlines and private jet operators rely on us for support in any circumstances.